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Welcome to the most recent What’s What and Who’s Who’ of The Kids League!

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Kampala Kids League (KKL)

Our famous Kampala Kids League holds it's main event at The Kampala International School of Uganda (KISU). This sports league is a major fundraiser for The Kids League and helps to raise money which, in turn, is used to work with other organisations and in other areas in need. Abled-bodied boys and girls as well as boys and girls with disabilities participate three times a year, which includes training, matches and medals and trophies.

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Would you like to check out the photos of the current season? Just click the link below:

KKL-KISU 13/06/15

KKL-ISU 13/06/15

KKL-KISU 06/6/15

KKL-ISU 06/06/15

Big Kids League

March 2013 marked the end of another Big Kids League season, with Team Belgium triumping on a dramatic last day. The oldest teenagers in town exercise their wits, skills and complete command of the game in public! This awareness raising league has been helpful in putting TKL work in the sights of over 150 expatriate personnel and helps raise awareness of the wide scope work of TKL Sport In Development work in Uganda.

The next season of the Big Kids League will start in September 2015.

If you'd like to see more photos, then click on the BKL section above of find us on Facebook HERE!

Kennesaw State University

The fourth exchange visit by Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, Georgia occured at the beginning of May, 2013 when a group of 21 students and staff from their Study Abroad programme came to link with Makerere University to discuss how an academic hook up can align with The Kids League as a ‘Sport Plus’ grass roots organisation to enrich and globalise their academic programme and build TKL income and capacity.

Indestructible Footballs

These are incredible items and are viewed by many to be the future of football in Africa. These footballs require no pumped air inside them and so cannot 'pop'. All those involved in football in Africa know how short amount of time it takes for a football to burst on the rough playing grounds (roughly a month). These footballs will change the landscape of sports and has increased the life of a football in Africa from one month to 5 years.

The Kids League becomes a PlayAble Training Body

At the end of 2010, The Kids League became a PlayAble training body which means that TKL can now offer training course for coaches interested in Adapted Sports.  The current Football for Hope project has allowed TKL to visit schools within Kampala to check on how far accessibility challenges exclude kids from mainstream school and therefore from TKL perspective, access to ‘Sport plus’ opportunities. Meanwhile efforts to secure funding for children with disabilities continues in sport and the arrival of Jill Valentine from Canada for a year (currently working as the Development Manager for the Parasport Ontario, Canada) as well as the practical experience gained in Gulu means that TKL will is building a demonstrable, effective framework for future success in funding applications.

With thanks!

It is thanks to its volunteers TKL can continue to meet its demands and continue to offer servces to beneficairies in this challenging economic climate so a BIG THANKS to ALL of them!

Heartfelt thanks also go to Draycott Methodists Church in Derbyshire for their continued donations and to St Michael’s Church in Breaston, Derbyshire also for offering their Lent Charity collection to The Kids League this year!  We look forward to members of the congregation visiting Uganda one day to bring our worlds nearer together.

With expertise from ‘Advocates for International Development’ and ‘Accountants for International Development’  Trevor can rest assured that in his retirement, others are waiting in the wings. After his Swan Song going the Football for Hope World Cup festival in Jo’burg in July 2010, Trevor now taken up the role of International Chair of The Kids League worldwide.

Thanks also go to Street Football World for their continued advice support and encouragement to help develop organisations in their network.

This Newsletter is created courtesy of our valued TKL (UK) Board Member, Isabelle King of Bscene-Global



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