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End of our Gulu project PDF Print E-mail
Written by thekidsleague   
Friday, 21 March 2014 09:17

Our great project in Gulu has come to an end!

By clicking here you can have a look at the photos of the amazing closure event.


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Coaches complete Scort training PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Dudley   
Thursday, 30 May 2013 07:41

Coaches complete SCORT training

Congratulations to Berna Namwenje, Brian Kasasa, Henry Ssentamu and Badru Lamala who completed their SCORT training in the third week of May 2013!

To celebrate the conclusion of their course, they received a certificate signed by the CEO and president of the German football club SV Werder Bremen, the managing director of the German football club Bayer 04 Leverkusen, the national director of SOS Children’s Villages Uganda and the CEO of the Scort Foundation.

The coaches have successfully completed a one-year coaching education programme covering the following topics:

  • Technical and organisational skills in the field of grassroots/children‘s football (e.g. basic football techniques, organisation of football festivals/tournaments/training sessions);
  • Pedagogical and social skills to deal with children on and off the pitch (e.g. teambuilding, methodology, communication, role model, code of conduct);
  • Additional life & soft skills training conducted by Welthungerhilfe (knowledge on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)), Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (peace building and conflict management) and the Novartis Malaria Initiative (malaria educational materials).

The coaching education programme, conducted by professional instructors of the Football Club Social Alliance's partner clubs SV Werder Bremen and Bayer 04 Leverkusen, contained a total of 80 hours of theoretical and practical lessons. The programme took place in Entebbe and Gulu, Uganda between May 2012 and May 2013.

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Gulu Welcomes TKL and SONY PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Dudley   
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 12:19

Teams gather at the TKL Sony TournamentThe sun was shining brightly for the second addition of The Kids League Sony Tournament this time hosted in Gulu, Uganda. Held on November 26th 2011, 230 children took part in a fantastic day of fun, entertainment, and football competition. 

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The 'A' League PDF Print E-mail

The Kids League introduced its 'A' League for children with disabilities in Feb 2009.

'A' stands for 'Adapted' sports and during the first year The Kids League has been learning how to adapt its sports delivery so that they are accessible to all abilities to include physical and intellectual disabilities.  Through its partnership with APAID, 55 coaches have been trained to Level 1 and some of those are reaching now to attain level 2 in the jointly developed agreed training syllabus.  These caoches make the sport fit the kids and not the kids fit the sport!

During 2009 80 children participated in the sports seasons where able bodied children were playing parallel, alongside children with disabilties on the same sports grounds giving all the children and their parents a chance to understand each other better and to interact to actively promote social inclusion through sport.

The Kids League has also supported the  purchase of adapted sports equipment which aid  the children to participate fully in their sport of choice.

By offering children with disabilites the chance to platform their abilities on the filed alongside the KKL elite squad The Kids League clearly demonstrates its belief in and committment to 'Improve the Lives of ALL childen through Sport!

What We Do PDF Print E-mail


The Kids League began as Kampala Kids League in Kampala (the capital of Uganda), a simple sports league for all comers in 1998 in Kampala, Uganda.

By 2004, Kampala Kids League had gained a reputation for not only offering young people from all walks of life a place to come together and make friends, but was also recognised nationally as an organisation which had brought by then 3 football World Youth Cups to Uganda. This success was used as a springboard to bring young people together, through sport, in the process bridging several otherwise seemingly insurmountable divides.

The Kids League uses sports to promote:

  • Peace, reconciliation and reintegration
  • Inclusion in sports for girls
  • Sporting opportunities for young people with disabilities
  • Improved sports infrastructure in schools and communities
  • Links for young people internationally
  • Youth Employment/venture opportunities
  • Academic syllabi to support sports plus programmes in education
  • Research collaborations

    The organisers of KKL went on to establish a Non-Governmental Organization in 2004 called ‘The Kids League’ with the aim of promoting health, education, life skills and fun for boys and girls through sport. Registered under the Ugandan NGO Board, TKL was now ready to employ staff and operate within a professional framework.

    During the next 5 years TKL prioritised the northern conflict zone of Uganda as its geographical focus since it was there that children and young people seemed most in need of its intervention. Deprived of the freedom to grow up happy amongst a climate of fear and degradation, the children in the north had become isolated and alienated from normal society and from their families. As the geographical coverage extended from Arua in the West to Karamoja in the East, and with the organisation became more knowledgeable and while developing its organisational ethos, policies and practises, two primary cross cutting themes presented as priority areas for future concentration and for the next 5 year Strategic Plan: gender issues and disability.

    With experience, TKL began to design ‘sport plus’ project activities to use sport and outreach programmes as a setting for community development and youth empowerment. The ‘sports plus’ programmes act as a platform to focus on the most pressing issues and challenges affecting communities in Uganda. The outreach activities are led by TKL staff but carried out by the youth to debate and find solutions to these problems and the challenges affecting their communities.

    Through sport and community outreach activities, TKL strives to develop life skills for the children. These evolve into concepts of self efficacy, self esteem and build leadership potential among the young people. The programmes further encourage the children to develop positive non- aggressive strategies in conflict situations, the ability to make sound decisions, citizenship values through understanding and applying sports ethics as well as increasing positive child to adult interaction on and off the playing field. TKL uses community outreach activities to promote vital health and education messages, such as increased awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention and the importance of education, especially for girls. TKL has reached 60,000 participants and many more thousands of community members in fourteen northern districts of Uganda over the last five years.

    Through using both ‘sport plus’ and outreach interventions, TKL has developed an integrated and holistic approach to promoting development outcomes. Furthermore, through providing training to volunteers such as parents and teachers, who act as coaches, umpires, referees and match officials, TKL builds the capacity of the local community to promote social cohesion and citizenship and links to the corporate commercial community where possible ensure that the activities are sustainable and empowering by helping to provide employment opportunities.

    Locally, The Kids League NGO has gained appreciable recognition through KKL’s sporting achievements bringing much national pride and hope to the Uganda winning 21 International Sports Trophies, International Cricket Council’s Best Junior Cricket Initiative in Africa in 2006. Internationally The Kids League was shortlisted for an award in the inaugural round of Beyond Sport Awards in 2009 and its founders have been recognised in 2008 Trevor Dudley was awarded an MBE by the British Queen Elizabeth for his work ‘To Improve the lives of children in Uganda’ following a visit by Prince Charles to the project. Ann Dudley was recognised by the University of Nottingham through their Alumni Laureate awards for her ‘Special excellence in Community Work’ in 2009 and TKL has presented papers at many international platforms in Universities and at International Aid Agency workshops in Europe and the USA.

    Throughout its early years as an NGO The Kids League has been conscious of the need to monitor and evaluate its work and to offer to join research initiatives to investigate the effectiveness of sports as a tool for development. TKL completed a 3 year research programme recently in which 10 organisations were funded by the UK Government’s UK Sport to investigate the hypothesis that: ‘“Sport contributes to the personal development and sense of well being of disadvantaged children and young people and brings wider community benefits.” The results of this research are now published online. TKL is also working with 2 PhD students from Oxford University in the UK and Palacky University in the Czech Republic to assess the impact of its programmes.

    The Kids League also works with many young volunteers both local and international every year seeking to enhance their maturation process and encourage the awareness of young emerging global citizens. There have been two international exchanges with youth groups from UK funded by the Commonwealth Youth Exchange Programme and self-funded groups such as ‘Goals for Girls’ from USA as well as two University Student Exchanges with Kennesaw State University in the USA and, preciously, an exchange with a small village in the UK who have sent a total of 16 children to visit TKL so far.

    The Kids League is a member of several ‘sport in development’ networks such as Sport and Development, Sport for International Development and Street Football World which emphasise the value of using sport as a tool for development.

    By 2010 TKL had enjoyed good recognition locally and internationally for its programme delivery and after the completion of its first 5 year Plan in 2009, in 2010 more concentration has been given to capacity building to add strength and definition to its organisational profile. Working with SONY through its Leadership Development Programme, with Advocates for International Development as well as Accountants for International Development, The Kids League now feels it is well placed to handle long term projects and funders which require detailed accountability for activities and finances.

    Having worked for 2 years with PlayAble trainers, The Kids League has trained over 50 coaches in adapted sports some of whom have achieved Level 2. TKL is now an approved PlayAble Training body for Adapted Sports employing a trained tutor as a staff member in its Kampala HQ. In addition TKL has worked with the Uganda Society for Disabled Children, Gulu Disabled People’s Union, DPOD, Motivation UK, CORSU, Katalemwa Rehabilitiation Centre and is able to access training support from the Special Olympics Committee in Richmond, Virginia USA and the Paralympic Committee in Toronto Canada via key link personnel working in those organisations. Furthermore, locally, TKL. has been approached to become a partner to the Ugandan Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympics Committees and funding from the International Olympic Committee has been granted to War Child to employ TKL as a training body over the next year.


    The Kids League's many emanent partners can be found on the Partners page of this website.


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